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What Went Down at BRUSHWRK's Spring Exhibition?

The app came to life for a night of good art, good music and good vibes

For one night only, on the 28th of April 2022, BRUSHWRK’s second exhibition took place at Paper Dress Vintage in Dalston. If you have a chance to flick through the photos of the event, you’ll be able to get a glimpse into what the evening was like. But behind the posing and smiles was a room filled with incredible people coming together to celebrate incredible art. For those who weren’t able to make it, here’s a quick round-up of what you missed and what to look forward to at the next exhibition!

The artists: Sabina and Sosina
Celebrating Black female artists

This exhibition was all about celebrating the work of Black female artists, with Sabina Silver and Sosina taking over the space to share a selection of their paintings. Both of the artists attended the event, making it even more intimate to be able to talk to them and hear first-hand about their work.

Sabina Silver on show

When you first walked into the main gallery room, staring across from you were three works by Sabina Silver. The beautiful blues of ‘Cerulean Skies’ instantly caught your eye, contrasting with the yellows in ‘The Sun Rose on Us’ hanging beside it. The third work ‘Tribe’ completed the trio of paintings on display for the evening.

Sabina is a British-Ghanaian artist who discovered her love for painting at a young age and found art to be her personal form of therapy. Through her work, Sabina explores "Gye w’ani", the Ghanaian concept of enjoying oneself. We sat down with the artist before the exhibition to find out more about her artistic journey – you can read the interview here.

Explore more of Sabina’s work here

Sxss Collection filled the space

On the opposite side of the room, Sosina’s colourful works shone under the spotlight. ‘Back Home’ looked beautiful hung in the centre, next to the similar-style canvas painting ‘The Chosen One’. Some of the artist’s smaller paintings also adorned the walls, with ‘Watermelon Glance’ being a featured favourite.

Sosina is a self-taught artist exploring female and Black identity. She uses bright acrylic paint to convey feelings of joy, carefreeness and pride. While her work focuses heavily on Black women, Sosina explores the idea of intersectionality, which recognises that we are made up of many different dimensions, with the way these dimensions meet helping to create our lived experience.

Explore more of Sosina’s work here

The artists and the BRUSHWRK team

Drinks, prints and totes

There’s not much more people love than free stuff and we weren’t going to disappoint. Welcoming attendees in with wine, people were able to spend the evening browsing the artists’ work and meeting fellow art lovers over music and drinks.

As well as the original works on the walls being for sale, prints were also available to buy through the app; meaning there was something for everyone, whatever the budget. Whether you came away from the exhibition with a new piece of art or a new friend, it was an incredible evening to celebrate the start of spring. And if you were lucky, you might have made it out with a free tote bag too!

Keep an eye out for the next BRUSHWRK exhibitions on our Instagram


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