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The 5 Best Weekly Art World Newsletters To Keep You In The Loop

Our top 5 weekly newsletters to keep you in-the-know on what’s going on in London’s art scene, as curated by the BRUSHWRK team… 

BRUSHWRK's latest exhibition, 'YES!'

“A weekly newsletter written by Curator and Art Historian Josephine May Bailey. Sharing ideas, recommendations, and projects”

“The Shock of the Now is a weekly newsletter from Hector Campbell, a London-based Art Historian, Writer & Curator, including Featured Exhibitions, Recommended Exhibitions and Artist Opportunities”

“Seb’s Art List (SAL) provides the most comprehensive and up to date list of art exhibitions and events in London. It has been made for those who make, buy, love and work in art”

A free weekly newsletter for everyone excited about London’s visual arts world. Bringing the biggest news, reviews, interviews and insights from London's art world, as curated by Londonist's visual arts editor Tabish Khan — a man so into his art that he visits over 1,000 museums and galleries every year.

The newsletter covers everything from big-name exhibitions to small neighbourhood galleries, installations, sculpture festivals, textile art, aerial photography, public art, artist talks, free events and more.

Though not focused on art events, this fantastic daily newsletter is an incredible resource for those wanting to learn more about art and art history. “From renaissance masterpieces, to impressionist landscapes -and from ancient sculptures to abstract paintings. We share Art every day because, frankly, every day needs Art! But, this newsletter is also about more than just seeing pictures.

Rather, it is about sharing beauty.

Exploring iconic artworks from a whole new perspective.

Finding your next favourite contemporary artist




And finding inspiration”

If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out our other blog posts including Artist Spotlight interviews and more over on and whilst you’re there, why not have a look through all of the fantastic art we have for sale from emerging artists? Pop into the website to see what catches your eye…


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