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  • What is BRUSHWRK?
    BRUSHWRK is an art app where artists can sell their art and anyone can buy unique and affordable art. We help artists to showcase their incredible work and make a living off their art, as well as helping art lovers find one-of-a-kind artworks and support independent artists.
  • Can I be featured in an exhibition or BRUSHWRK blog?
    If you're an artist doing your thing, we'd love to hear from you! Click the ‘CONTACT’ button on the website and tell us about yourself and your art.
  • Something’s not working, what should I do?
    Either visit the website at and click ‘CONTACT’ or open the iOS app and: Enter the Profile tab Click the top left report icon Make your report/complaint
  • How do I find art to buy?
    The best place to find art on BRUSHWRK is through the explore page. Click on the microscope icon and start browsing through featured works or search art selected ‘for you’. You can also use the search bar to discover new artists by searching for styles of art you like, for example: ‘abstract’ or ‘landscape’. If you find an artwork you like, make sure to click on their profile and follow the artist so that any new art they post on the app appears on your home feed.
  • How do I buy art on BRUSHWRK?
    Once you’ve found an artwork you like, it’s as simple as clicking ‘BUY’! Fill in your shipping address and payment method information and the artwork will be with you in no time.
  • How do I sell my art on BRUSHWRK?
    Once you've downloaded the iOS app, press the middle button on the bottom tab and this will open the art listing page. Fill in the details, price of your art and press the ‘POST ARTWORK’ button.
  • How do I send a sold artwork to a buyer?
    Once someone has purchased one of your artworks, you will need to send the art to them and enter the proof of shipping into the app to receive your payment. You can use any delivery service such as Royal Mail or Hermes. Once you've sent the artwork, open the app and confirm shipping by following these steps: 1. Navigate to your profile on the far right of the bottom tab 2. Press the top-right Receipts button 3. Select ‘SALES’. This will show you the sale details 4. Press the ‘CONFIRM SHIPPING’ button
  • How much do we charge artists?
    Galleries and curators charge artists 40-50% just to show their work. This forces artists to raise prices if they want to make any real money which in turn makes art more expensive. We only charge a 5% fee on pieces sold.
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