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Love, Hate, Relate W/ Aisha Seriki

Want to reallyyyy get to know an artist, get recommendations of their favourite things, what’s out and what we should be catching onto? Introducing our new series, Love, Hate, Relate!

Aisha Olamide Seriki, @occupiedbythelense, is a Nigerian multimedia artist currently residing in London, specialising in fine art, photography and sculpture. Her work delves into the intricate relationship between historical narratives and contemporary realities, utilising the past to comprehend and communicate present-day existence.  Aisha draws inspiration from a combination of imagination and personal experiences. Through carefully staged photographs, she endeavours to visualize a holistic conception of being, that challenges rigid imaginations of self. 

We also sat down with Aisha for an in-depth conversation about her practice, accessibility in the arts, how to combine simple imagery with complex backstories and more - head to to read…

🌸💓LOVE💓 🌸

Knitting / Crafting

I recently learned how to knit as part of my care elective at University. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your rows growing and I am honestly obsessed. It has helped me to be more present within myself, helping me reduce my screen time as well which is a major plus imo. I love the communal aspect of knitting and the connections that are birthed from crafting. I have even started teaching my mum how to knit even though I am a baby knitter. 


I read all the time as a kid and it was my fav way to escape the world into new worlds, outside the mundaneness of reality. I have ADHD and was bummed out because I have been unable to read a physical fiction book for a long time. Shout out to Spotify for adding Audiobooks to their platform, it is only 15 hours per month but it has been essential in helping me complete my book reading challenge for this year. 

Sims 4

The only game I still play. I turn to Sims anytime I am looking for nostalgia. I currently play Sims 4, which has nothing over Sims 2 imo. Mods enhance gameplay for me, so make sure you download some before playing. If you are interested in interiors or architecture, the build mode got you, personally I am more of a family game player. It is my fav way to waste idle time on a Sunday, but be careful because it can get very addictive!

👿👹HATE👹 👿

Social Anxiety about posting online 

Trying to unlearn the cringe I feel by posting online. Something about posting online gives me so much anxiety. It might be because I feel that Instagram has become a space for curating and projecting a polished representation of your identity. Regardless, this year I am trying to let go of my fear of being seen and post my authentic self regardless of how I appear.  

Self-imposed Tests

I have been meaning to do my theory test for the past 8 years and now I have to do my life in the UK test for my citizenship application. There is something about self-imposed tests that suck so bad. I have been unable to conjure motivation to complete the test so they just keep getting pushed and pushed forward. Any tips on how to avoid procrastination on this would be really helpful!

Cost of living / Aesthetic restaurants 

Today it was announced that we are currently in a recession, but honestly, since the pandemic, it has felt like we have been in a recession. It feels like it has sapped all the small joys from life, a tad dramatic but it is honestly facts. Before the pandemic, I would go out to eat a couple of times in a month, now to go out to a restaurant to eat is a big treat. I hate that tapas restaurants are the new wave honestly, small portions for big prices that leave you feeling hungry when you leave. I feel like the quality of food has also decreased or maybe I am not going to the best spots, I honestly haven't been wowed by a restaurant in a very long time. 


Day trips outside London 

My ideal way to spend a day, honestly the UK is so beautiful and it is so lovely exploring quaint towns and cities outside London. I am currently trying to visit every major city in the UK at least once and it is just nice to leave the rush and stress of London and get fresh air, independent shops and restaurants. One of my fav things on my away trips is popping into charity shops and vintage stores because you will never know what you will find. One place I recommend is Dungeness, it is so beautiful, perfect if you are trying to have a chilled day, there is a really good shack called 'Dungness Sea Shack' serving fresh seafood. Dereck Jarman's house and garden are also worth a visit. 


One of my friends put me on this show. Essentially it is a murder mystery game with contestants competing to find the traitors so that they can win the cash prize. It only has two seasons but it is crazy to watch how people can manipulate people so that they come closer to the prize. I am hooked !


I found out about Libby through my university. Essentially it is an app that has audiobooks and ebooks to read. The other day I added my public library account on the app which had over 1000 books available to read. The interface is also really good, you can save bookmarks and track your progress very easily. There isn't a limit to how many libraries you can add to it too. I deffo recommend it because it will save you a bit of coins from buying books. 

If you enjoyed this conversation with article, make sure to check out our Artist Spotlight interviews over on and whilst you’re there, why not have a look through all of the fantastic art we have for sale from emerging artists? Pop into the website to see what catches your eye…


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