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Free London Exhibitions Not to Miss This November

From a virtual tour (you don’t need to leave the house for) to a show supporting emerging artists

Days are getting colder, nights are getting longer, and we’re all in need of some motivation to drag ourselves out of bed in the mornings. If coffee won’t do, why not book a cultural date in the diary to get some inspiration from these exhibitions in and around London town? Bring a friend, a partner, or maybe just your journal and soak in stories told through art and culture.

Human Stories: The Satarists, NOW Gallery
Until 13 November 2022

I know we said we’d motivate you to leave the house but if you really can’t bring yourself to face the start of winter, this exhibition at NOW Gallery has created a virtual tour so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your living room (or bed). ‘Human Stories: The Satarists’ is on display for a few more days at North Greenwich tube station, showcasing a group of emerging photographers exploring the concept of satire. Whether you’re in the area or not, you should definitely check out this exhibition.

Somaya Critchlow: Afternoon's Darkness, Maximilian William
Until 19 November 2022

If you haven’t heard of Somaya Critchlow, then get to know. An incredible artist putting the female figure to the foreground, Somaya’s work often explores sexuality, sex positivity, and empowerment. This exhibition ‘Afternoon’s Darkness’ consists of new works by the artist and builds its own narrative around ideas of horror, resurrection, exclusion, and creation. If you’re looking to get lost in the works of one artist this month, make it Somaya Critchlow by checking out this exhibition.

Grime Stories: From the Corner to the Mainstream, Museum of London
Until 4 December 2022

From the corners of East London to a ‘mainstream’ exhibition, this show takes its title literally to explore the history and culture of East London’s grime scene. Partnering with people from the community and co-curated by one of the first cameramen of grime, Roony 'RiskyRoadz’ Keefe, the show provides a glimpse at how the scene has developed over the last twenty years. With illustrations by artist Willkay and footage featuring Skepta and DJ Slimzee, if this interests you, you should definitely check out this exhibition.

Buffer, Guts Gallery
11 November - 8 December 2022

With summer long gone and a cost-of-living crisis continuing, art school graduates are in the thick of facing the realities of the “real world” post-university. That is why a new group show ‘Buffer’ – at Guts Gallery in East London – is looking to help those starting out in the industry by exclusively showcasing recently graduated artists. We agree that it’s so important to champion and invest in young, emerging artists to help pierce the exclusive bubble that surrounds the art world, so if you’re interested in supporting this new generation of artists, you should definitely check out this exhibition.


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