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BRUSHWRK is for art

BRUSHWRK is a social marketplace and community fixing everything wrong with the traditional art industry. We help independent artists showcase their incredible work and make a living off their art, and we help art lovers support independent artists.

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Art is Great. But the Art Industry Isn't Sometimes.
Come fix it with us. 


Art should be accessible

The art world can be elitist. We want to help creatives from all backgrounds to showcase, sell and get their work off the ground and break in.

We champion art from underrepresented groups


Artists are charged exploitatively

Galleries and curators charge artists 40-50% just to show their work. This forces artists to raise prices if they want to make any real money which in turn makes art more expensive. 

We only charge a 5% fee


Artists have to do too much


It takes a lot to succeed as an independent artist. They have to worry about their marketing, printing, networking and more; which leaves less time for actual art. 

We do the heavy lifting for artists


Discover unique, affordable art

Follow your favourite artists and discover all their one-of-a-kind pieces.


Easily sell your art

We handle your sales for you. Quickly list your pieces and let our algorithm put them in front of people who would have a preference for them.


Buy art with one click

Buying art has never been simpler. Own beautiful works with the click of a single button.

Why Users Love Us

"This app is a brilliant starting point for selling work and finding new creators to buy from. I have sold my work and the developers are so helpful"

Teg Davis

"Love being part of these exhibitions, they're always super fun"

Sxss Collection

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