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Is Art a Good Investment?

There are more benefits to buying art than you think

When people talk about the value of an artwork, it is normally centred on how much it is worth financially. According to Statista, in 2020 the art market generated over 50 billion dollars and recorded over 30 million sales worldwide. But when you go to buy an artwork it should not just be about seeing dollar signs. What if we stepped back from the figures and looked at the many other benefits of investing in art.

The art world intersects with people's lives in more ways than just money. Whether it’s about finding a piece that makes your house feel like a home or supporting an emerging artist’s career, here’s why art is always a good investment.

Invest in art for yourself

The value of an artwork is subjective. Although an appraiser from Christie’s might think a painting is worth 100k, you might think you’ve seen better works made by 5-year-olds. Investing in art should be about finding pieces that you love and want to put your money towards, rather than trying to replicate the National Gallery collection.

It has also been proven that art is good for your mental health. Being surrounded by beautiful works helps to create an environment that you enjoy being in and is better for your wellbeing. So next time you go to invest in an artwork, make sure it’s something you’ll be happy to see hanging on your wall every time you have your morning coffee.

Invest in emerging artists

The value of investing in art also stretches beyond the benefits of the buyer. Behind every artwork is a real-life artist who has put time and effort into their work. Purchasing their art is not only an investment in their career but it shows that there is still space in this industry for new artists to emerge.

Investing in works from emerging artists is also a great way to find unique and affordable art. One-off pieces that you won’t be able to get anywhere else are more likely to hold value than something you can buy from H&M Home. Not only will you feel good to invest in something that only you have, but who knows, maybe one day they’ll become the new Frida Kahlo.

Whether you’re looking to invest in art or want to expand your collection, BRUSHWRK is THE online marketplace to discover unique and affordable artworks. We’re dismantling the traditional and often exclusionary paradigms of the art world to help you find works from up-and-coming artists that you’ll love.

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