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How to Sell Art Online

3 easy steps to start putting your art out into the world

Long gone are the days of searching high and low to find a gallery to sell your art (often with a hefty commission) or hoping that your paintings will find a buyer amongst the countless crafts and cards on Etsy.

BRUSHWRK is a dedicated art marketplace and community, which helps independent artists to showcase their work and make a living off their art. Follow these three easy steps to start putting your art out into the world:

1. Snap some pictures 📸

Whoever said “less is more” was obviously not trying to sell their art online. Having several photos showing the full piece of art and up-close details (and maybe even positioned within a room to show the size of the work) helps buyers to imagine the art in their own space.

Just like a thirst trap selfie, a good quality photo is what’s going to attract people to your artwork listing. Getting the lighting and framing right is key to creating high-quality images. Make sure the lighting is bright enough to accurately portray the colours of the work and focus on getting your piece centred in the photograph so that it shows the full work of art.

2. Write a caption ✍️

Now you’ve got your photos, here is where you sell your work. Within your caption, it’s important to include all the basic information that a buyer might need, including the artwork size, price, medium and any other details, for example, if it comes framed or if it is an original.

Once you have this information in there, you can start to add some personality. Try to tell a story through your title and description so that buyers can understand the meaning of your work. It could also be great to include a short artist bio so that people can get to know more about who created the piece.

3. Upload to BRUSHWRK📱

The final step is to put your art out into the world and it’s not as scary or difficult as you might think. First, download the BRUSHWRK app or visit the website to set up a profile. If you’re on the app, press the middle button on the bottom tab and this will open the art listing page. Then all you need to do is add your pictures, fill in the caption and details and then press the "POST ARTWORK" button – and voila!

Now you can sit back and let BRUSHWRK’s powerful machine learning-powered recommendation engine do the work. This helps put your work in front of people who will love it, which means more sales for artists.

Get started today by selling your art online at BRUSHWRK


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