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London Exhibitions Not To Miss This March

Our top picks of the London-based exhibitions we’re excited about this March…

Gina Birch 3 Minute Scream 1977 © Gina Birch



7th March, 6:30PM

Join us for 'YES!', a group exhibition bringing together a selection of works that explore love, sex and celebrate consent from the perspective of a positive yes! Running for one night and one night only, grab a ticket before they sell out. We'd LOVE to see you there.

Exhibiting artists: Shania Nurein, Samantha Monk, Kimberly Hang, Hannah Hopgood, Natalie Ornstin

Sargent and Fashion

Tate Britain

Until the 7th July

"Celebrated for his striking portrait paintings, this exhibition sheds new light on John Singer Sargent’s acclaimed works. It explores how he worked like a stylist to craft the image of the sitters he painted, who he often had close relationships with.

Sargent used fashion as a powerful tool to express identity and personality. He regularly chose the outfits of his collaborators or manipulated their clothing. This innovative use of costume was central to his artwork – for example, tugging a heavy coat tighter around a man to emphasise his figure or letting a dress strap sensuously slip from a woman’s shoulder. It was these daring sartorial choices that allowed him to express his vision as an artist.

Almost 60 of Sargent’s paintings will be on display, including major portraits that rarely travel. Several period garments will also be showcased alongside the portraits they were worn in. The show examines how this remarkable painter used fashion to create portraits of the time, which still captivate today"

Andy Warhol: Beyond The Brand

Halcyon Gallery

Until 7th April

"Ranging from some of his earliest pieces all the way through his life to some of his final artworks, the exhibition provides a fairly comprehensive look at the artist’s output. And yes, the iconic Campbell’s soup cans are on display, as are his iconic portraits of the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Muhammad Ali, and more." - Secret London

Terrain, Jas Knight

Hannah Barry Gallery

Until 30th March

"My solo exhibition, “Terrain”, opens next month in London @hannahbarrygallery . My preoccupation for the past 2+ years with genre painting, portraiture, and master copying will be on display in the most comprehensive exhibition of my work ever. This is thrilling for me because I rarely exhibit my work" - @jasknightart

‘riddems that pluck the strings that ping my beating ting like, bim!’ - Bill Daggs

Studio Chapple

1st-30th March

"Very excited to announce or next exhibition ‘riddems that pluck the strings that ping my beating ting like, bim!’, a solo show by bill daggs.

‘riddems that pluck the strings that ping my beating ting like, bim!’ explores the lineage of sound clash culture, its spontaneous rhythmical reactions, and the domestic space as a place of sonic ritual.

From 1970s dub sound system clashes, to Jump Off MC battles and early 2000’s Grime MC Sidewinder sets, and the sound clash that occurs in family homes, tower blocks, flats, and estates; an inseparable relationship between the built environment, its sonic boundaries, and the intimacies of the domestic space, emerges.

This continual sonic exchange, between and among these sound structures, have informed our cultural upbringing more than we are aware of. Extracting the energy of a wheel-up and the reactions it ignites in an audience, ‘riddems that pluck the strings that ping my beating ting like, bim!’ journeys us through aural confrontations, musical congregations, and the architectural formation of the spaces that hold them"

Ellie MacGarry - Echo

Cedric Bardawil

1-23rd March

"A new body of work by Ellie MacGarry (b. 1991, UK) for her first solo exhibition at the gallery"


Tate Britain

Until 7th April

"The first of its kind, this exhibition is a wide-ranging exploration of feminist art by over 100 women artists working in the UK. It shines a spotlight on how networks of women used radical ideas and rebellious methods to make an invaluable contribution to British culture. Their art helped fuel the women’s liberation movement during a period of significant social, economic and political change.

In the 1970s and 1980s a new wave of feminism erupted. Women used their lived experiences to create art, from painting and photography to film and performance, to fight against injustice. This included taking a stand for reproductive rights, equal pay and race equality. This creativity helped shape a period of pivotal change for women in Britain, including the opening of the first women's refuge and the formation of the British Black Arts Movement.

Despite long careers, these artists were often left out of the artistic narratives of the time. This will be the first time many of their works have been on display since the 1970s."

HOPE & REBIRTH - Maja Djordjevic

Carl Kostyál

Until 16th March

"Maja Djordjevic’s solo exhibition, ‘Hope and Rebirth’ is best understood as a whispered battle cry – encased within deceptively bright and seemingly jubilant paintings is a call to drop arms and hold one another’s hands instead. Created against the backdrop of past and present incidences of war and genocide, inequality and prejudice, ecological devastation and rampant consumerism, this presentation is the artist’s most understanded to date - foregoing staging and sculptural elements, in ‘Hope and Rebirth’ Djordjevic wields a new confidence" - Bella Bonner-Evans

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