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London Exhibitions Not To Miss This February

Our roundup of the best events and exhibitions happening this month...

Ki Yoong, The Blush Upon Her Cheek


1st February to 15 February

 69 Evering Road

"A derelict semi-detached house in Stoke Newington will be transformed, for two weeks only, into an art gallery showcasing work by some of London’s best alternative artists. And the art won’t just be hung on the walls, but will be over the walls themselves, as 3 artists will cover the rooms with their paintings."

From Palestine with Art

2nd February - 2nd March

12-27 Chalton Street, London

"From Palestine with Art is a unique showcase that aims to share the vibrant culture, heritage, and struggles of the Palestinian people through various artistic expressions. The exhibit features a diverse range of talented Palestinian artists and seeks to shed light on their experiences, history, and aspirations"

P21 Gallery will also be running a series of Palestinian Embroidery Workshops on coming Saturdays. "The workshops will be delivered by the Rifqah Tamimi, a renowned Palestinian embroider with extensive experience on all patterns, garments, and cross-stitching."

The Blush Upon Her Cheek

Studio West

Until 22nd February

Unit 1, 216 Kensington Park Road

"A multidisciplinary group exhibition inspired by Peter Lely’s Windsor Beauties, a set of portrait paintings depicting ladies of the court of King Charles II.

Currently housed in Hampton Court, the Windsor Beauties were created during a period of hedonistic indulgence, when traditions from the French court migrated to London after the end of the English Civil War. Believed to have been commissioned by Anne Hyde, Duchess of York, the series features women who exercised considerable influence over the Restoration court from their position as courtesans to the King and his closest advisors.

Through delicate, sumptuous and subtle pieces spanning sculpture and painting, The Blush Upon Her Cheek sees a trio of contemporary artists examining the complex themes at play in Lely’s portraits, namely ideas around beauty, decadence, identity, empowerment and self-fashioning."

We sat down with the three artists, Leo Costelloe, Florence Reekie, Ki Yoong, to discuss the exhibition - find the interviews on our Blog.

Yoko Ono, Music Of The Mind

Tate Modern

15th February - 1st September

Tate Modern, Bankside

"Yoko Ono is a trailblazer of early conceptual and participatory art, film and performance, a celebrated musician, and a formidable campaigner for world peace. Developing her practice in the United States, Japan and the UK, ideas are central to her art, often expressed in poetic, humorous, profound and radical ways.

Spanning more than seven decades, YOKO ONO: MUSIC OF THE MIND is the UK’s largest exhibition celebrating key moments in Ono’s groundbreaking, influential and multidisciplinary career, from the mid-1950s to now – including her years in London where she met her future husband and longtime collaborator John Lennon."

Barbara Kruger: Thinking of You. I Mean Me. I Mean You

Serpentine South Gallery

1 February – 17 March 2024

"Artist #BarbaraKruger is widely known for her impactful work with images and words. Drawing from an early career as a graphic designer for magazines, Kruger developed an iconic visual language that frequently borrows from the techniques and aesthetics of advertising and other media.

Since the 1970s, her artworks have continually explored complex mechanisms of power, gender, class, consumerism, and capital.

This exhibition features a unique selection of installations alongside moving image works and multiple soundscapes, including the UK premiere of 'Untitled (No Comment)', a video installation that explores contemporary modes of creating and consuming content online. In the work, Kruger combines text, audio clips, and a barrage of found images and memes, ranging from blurred-out selfies to animated photos of cats 🐱"

Doron Langberg: Night

Victoria Miro Gallery

26 January–28 March 2024

16 Wharf Road, London N1 7RW

"Night is a hymn to nocturnal worlds both interior and exterior, and the spaces of ambiguity, opportunity and liberation – physical and psychological – that open up after dark.

Doron Langberg’s intimate yet expansive take on relationships, sexuality, nature, family and the self proposes how painting can both portray and create queer subjectivity, forging a relationship between interior and exterior realities and the ways in which they shape and are shaped by one another.

Titled after queer New York parties and club nights – such as Merge and Wrecked ­­– the spaces in these new paintings are worlds in themselves, sites of multiple layers and levels of experience and connection. Together, the works create a narrative arc that follows the course of an evening, a night out becoming the morning after as we move from Basement to Sunrise."


Carpenters Workshop Gallery

9th February - 26th April

Ladbroke Hall, 79 Barlby Rd W10 6AZ

Michele Lamy's "artistic prowess shines as a revolutionary alchemist – embodying an unparalleled talent for pushing boundaries + redefining conventional notions of expression.

We welcome her latest London exhibition HUNROD GOLD (@hun.rod) with collaborator @LoreeRodkin accompanied by design works from @RickOwensOnline"

Want to be featured in an exhibition yourself? Keep an eye out on the BRUSHWRK Instagram for an exciting open call announcement this week...


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