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Artist Spotlight: Keely "Poi" Majewski

Meet Keely "Poi" Majewski, @poiandkeely, a mixed media digital artist focusing on 3D and digital illustration. She is based in SW Florida and on an average day you'll find her sketching plans for fun client work, listening to music, and sipping on a green tea boba. Keely loves to explore emotions and fashion with her character designs, constantly trying to learn more and improve along the way as a self taught artist.

We sat down with Keely to chat about her distinctive sculpting work, the process behind her characters and more.

We're also incredibly excited to share 3 illustrations that Keely kindly produced exclusively for the BRUSHWRK community...

'DISTORTION', exclusive for BRUSHWRK

How would you describe your style to someone that’s not seen your work before?

If I had to say, it would probably be: “feminine characters with an attitude”. It’s kind of hard to

summarize my work in that way because I try to go into each character/piece with a fresh mindset.

My audience tends to associate confidence with my art as well which makes me super happy that

they come across as such.

'SOLAR', exclusive for BRUSHWRK

I’ve read that after graduating from your arts degree, you didn’t pursue art for 6 years - how

did you come to find your love for creating again?

The nagging feeling was always in the back of my mind at varying degrees throughout those 6

years. Of course I’d doodle something on a scrap of paper every once and awhile but never fully

went back to creating full time. When I was running my online magazine O Boy Press, I was

interviewing music and visual artists almost daily during those 6 years, I found myself constantly

wanting to just jump back into art because of the amazingly talented individuals I got to speak to, in

combination with already missing it from years before. I feel like that just added to me making the

final plunge back into art instead of focusing on writing.

I definitely feel like my mental health wasn’t the greatest, I was struggling with my depression during

those years. So I’m just thankful to be creating again, I feel like everything built up so much that I

had no choice but to devote myself to art for my own sanity.

'MIDNIGHT', exclusive to BRUSHWRK

How do the worlds of fashion and art converge in your work?

Fashion and art are definitely one in the same for me, especially when creating a character or new

outfit for a piece. There are so many influences that inspire me when it comes to fashion. From drag

queens to Alexander McQueen! Fashion history offers me an endless rabbit hole of research and

discovery, it’s one of my favorite things to do when I start a new project.


Do you ever bring yourself into the characters you produce?

There are definitely times where I bring myself into my work in a more literal sense with a self

portrait, but more often I tend to put my emotions into some of my work when I want to reflect more

personal aspects into the piece. But most of the time, I like to use my art and the process as a way

to just create and let the character be the focus so it’s not about me.


Do you give your characters a story/backstory when in the conception process?

I don’t usually give my characters a backstory, in my mind they do exist in the same universe in a

way. I usually just try to develop a concept for each piece, whether that’s an emotion I want to

convey or a more technical aspect like lighting or shape. It really just depends on that moment when

I sit down to start sculpting.

What does the process of collaborating with a celebrity artist/musician look like?

It’s absolutely one of my favorite processes! It usually is very collaborative and the trust that I’m

given with making their concept come to life is something I’m thankful for every time. I LOVE to deep

dive into their career/creative history and find small details that can be included in the final draft that

they don’t expect. It always brings me so much joy.


Do you have a dream collaboration that you’d like to work on?

A band I was actually lucky enough to interview years ago, Studio Killers! I’ve been a huge fan of

their work since I was around 15! Many people can definitely see the influence in my work and have

asked for the collab too. Would be a dream!


Who else's work in the digital art space are you loving right now?

Some beyond talented individuals you should check out are:

@archfiendco - Amazing 3d sculpts and an expert when it comes to lighting! Always excited to see what they make!

@mong__sang - Every time I see their work, I’m simply speechless. The colors are otherworldly.

@animate_jack - One of my favorite animators, their work is so captivating! I just want to jump into their universe.


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